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Commissions and pricing


TeePublic is 100% free for creators


Everything we do we do to help content creators succeed, this means you make money on every single product you sell and we don't make money until you start selling products or contract our designers. Our north star is the belief that content creators should be able to thrive from the work they create. To that end we have created 2 Commission tiers.


Artist Royalties


Every content creator that uses TeePublic in this tier receives 18-22% of the revenue generated by your creations. Should you decide to curate your storefront, this portion would go to the creators of the designs. This is a great way to support independent artists!


Affiliate Commission

Every sale you drive to the site as a TeePublic Partner earns you 11% of whatever they buy. This means if you are talking about spiderwebs and your fan comes to TeePublic and buys a Unicorn shirt you still make money!