Podcasting with TeePublic
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Your Patrons Deserve Great Merch!


Patreon specific Storefronts and discounts

Your Patrons are special and go the extra mile to support you. With TeePublic you can create a special storefront or special discount codes that is only available to our Patrons.  Our team also has lots of experience helping Patreon Creators build there tiers in a way that empowers  their fans to engage.

We actually have written a series on Patreon for our partner. To learn more read below or contact us to get the ball rolling.



Give your Patrons Consistent Rewards

Its not enough to just have your patrons be there for one month at a time. With TeePublic you can set up a recurring merch tier for your patrons to reward them with amazing shirts, notebooks or mugs every few months. It is a great way to keep your community engaged and show your appreciation for their support.

To learn more, schedule some time to review your Patreon with our team to figure out a way to optimize your long term merch rewards.


We support Patreon with Wholesale

TeePublic does amazing On-demand merch. Did you know we can do Wholesale merch as well? 

TeePublic can do wholesale for every single product we make. For you as a content creator this means for every one of your patrons you can fulfill the same great products you get on TeePublic proper for less. Reach out to us to request a sample or set up a call to discuss!

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