Podcasting with TeePublic

Partner Tiers


Our Tiers are built around your business


We want every podcast we work with to be successful. This means that as you grow, and the number of distractions you are presented with increases, the more TeePublic will be able to help you scale.  We will grow with you and want to help you build something amazing. 



Top Tier 

Our highest earning partners are given the gold star treatment every step of the way. You will always have a growth manager on speed dial who will be happy to help with anything you need.

  • Dedicated email blast of your store to our community
  • Design/Marketing consultation with our design and marketing teams
  • 4 free designs a quarter
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Blog Feature
  • Expedited wholesale orders for Events
  • Samples of new designs
  • 4 Quarterly Giveaways/sponsored contests for your fans
  • White Glove store optimization
  • Back Catalogue Updated


Tier 2

Your starting to fly and its time to get help you get to height. We are going to do everything we can to help you get there. Creating great content is only the first step, making it sustainable is the key to long term success this tier is to help bridge the gap.

  • Paid Social posts
  • Upon Tier 2 entry get a giveaways/sponsored contest for your fans
  • 1 coupon code promotion per quarter
  • 1 Sponsored giveaway per quarter
  • Social Media Feature
  • Secret Pad and Pen Sent
  • Quarterly samples of your designs for promotion

Tier 3


Getting to Tier 3 is a pretty big deal, your store is starting to sell more and more and your fans are getting engaged. Our goal right now is to get you into a cycle of promotion that excites your fans. 

  • Custom Swag Bag upon acceptance into the tier to promote to your fans
  • Personalized Account management
  • Design support from TeePublic’s in-house team or TP designer
  • Store Optimization by the TeePublic Growth and Design Teams

Tier 4


Alright you are selling a good bit of merch, this is awesome. For many people this is the hardest part. Now we have to get you on the line with one of our growth managers to strategize about the best way to grow.

  • Free T-shirt upon entry into tier 4
  • 1 White Glove account review
  • Ad Creative Help
  • Campaigns are unlocked
  • Email Support