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What if I run a network?

TeePublic has built a number of programs that will help you grow your network. Our growth team will work with you to structure your network storefronts around your needs. Every network is different and we will be more than happy to hop on a call to talk through the specifics based on your particular needs.

Your network, your way.

Whether you run your network as a collaboration or its one person managing a dozen storefronts we will work with you to find a way to make your network merch shine. We work with networks of all sizes to streamline their account management and content calendar so every show is given a place to shine.

To learn more schedule a call with one of our networks team to figure out how we can help your podcasts shine!


Make sure each podcast stands out!

If you are like most of the networks we talk to, every one of your podcasts are different with their own audiences. Sure, they can cross promote to each other but every podcast has its own individual story to tell. After 10 years in the content retail business we have learned one thing, content is king. Making your merch relevant to your content is the key to success.

For many of the networks we talk to, the biggest hangup is how do you prioritize each podcast and let them tell their story. At TeePublic you can create a separate storefront for each podcast in your network and then give the host/producer the keys to drive growth! 

Central Storefront for all your shows

Even if every podcast has its own storefront that doesn't mean you cannot represent as a network. With TeePublic every one of your podcasts can have their own storefront while you curate them all into a single storefront representing everyone. Even better we can help create the things that will drive your network as one! 

To learn more about curation check out our page on it but as always we would be more than happy to talk through getting you set up. 


Host it on your site with our API

Do you have developers in house? Are you a large network or a host of hundreds of podcasts? We have an API built so you can incorporate everything you love about your TeePublic storefront into your website.  Our team will work with your developer to incorporate the store into your website. 

As a note: The current iteration does require development resources and this may not be a fit for everyone. To learn more reach out to us and we can walk you through the setup process.

Network Growth Team

When you sign up as a network you are automatically ranked in tiers as a network. This means while each podcast may qualify as a tier 3 podcast together you may be a tier 1. We want to help you grow and will work to make sure you have every opportunity to do so. 

The last mile for driving online sales is always marketing. Our industry leading account team is a benefit that can’t be matched. With years of experience specifically monetizing podcast merchandise they’ll line up promotions, contests and giveaways for each show + the ad-creative you need to promote it.  Your account manager will be available to work with you on new designs that best maximize the value of the content you are already creating.


Set up a time to review your network

Our podcasting team is here to help with anything you might need. Fill out the form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Conversely, you can reach out to our Director of Podcast Relations via email at james@teepublic.com. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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