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Design services


Sometimes you just need

a new designer to work with


Have a design in mind? We can help!

Sometimes you want something particularly special. You have an episode coming up you think will be big and you have a great idea for a design and you think your fans would agree. Luckily, as a TeePublic partner you have access to our designers to get it made.  

Get your designs together with the below criteria and we will get you a quote for the design. 


Design Request Criteria:

  • Title of Design
  • Purpose of design
  • Any Copy on Shirt
  • Context for design
    • Episode xx:xx
    • Inside Joke
    • All details
    • Budget
  • Imagery
    • Color
    • Black and white
    • Hand-drawn
    • Any very specific needs
  • Kind of tone should It have
    • Serious
    • Joking
    • Irreverant
  • Product to feature on
  • Background?
  • Date of episode release tied to idea(if in the future)
  • Ad-creative tied to design?
  • Other details
Carole's Last Great Summer.jpg