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with great curated Designs


Create merch at the pace of your content

Sometimes designing a few designs is not enough. We recommend having a minimum of 6 at any one time. To keep pace with your content you need to 

At TeePublic we have over 1.5 million designs. As partners you can curate any design you want into your storefront. Whether your next episode is on the best way to bake a cake or build a business you can find it on TeePublic. 


With curation everyone wins

 As a partner you are in a unique position to support our independent artists. Every curated design you sell not only makes you 11% commission but pays the designer their full designer commission. 


Our community is here to help.

We have over 40,000 graphic designers on TeePublic and they have created some amazing works of art. As a TeePublic partner you can work with them to create their designs. Our team is also here to help you if you have questions or would like to work together to find the perfect designer don't hesitate to reach out.