Podcasting with TeePublic
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Contests and promotions


We help you engage your community


Promoting your podcast

The last mile for driving online sales is always marketing. Our industry leading account team is a benefit that can’t be matched. With years of experience specifically monetizing podcast merchandise they help line up promotions, contests and giveaways for you as well as submitting for the art you need to promote it. We can help you optimize and iterate upon your promotions because we live and breathe podcasts. Your account manager will be available to come up with new designs that best maximize the value of the content you are already creating.

Promoting your merch

So your community is ready to engage and wants to learn more. They have been asking for t-shirts for months and you have been decided to take it the next step and set up a storefront. Now you need to get out there and tell your fans. You do not want to come off as salesy but at the same time they need to know.

At TeePublic we are here to help. We work with content creators every day who struggle with the same issue and can help. Every podcast is different but our team is here to help you navigate it. To set up a time to talk through your specific podcast and how we can help you contact us.



Advertisements and Scripts

Once you know that you will promote you need something to promote with. For that you can rely on our team who will create the scripts, creative and anything else you need to promote your podcast.

Once you are a part of TeePublic we will be your Merchandise Marketing manager. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure you hit your goals. Just talk to a member of our growth team to get your podcast promoted! 

Contests and Giveaways

Your community loves your content and you want to give them something to be excited about. The goal is what we need from you to get started, after all you know your fans best. After that our team will take care of everything but promoting it to your fans. Some successful contests we have run in the past include Fan Art, photo or information gathering contests.

Whatever your goals are our team of Growth managers are here to help you find success. To learn more schedule a time to discuss it in greater detail!