Podcasting with TeePublic

What We Do

What We Do


Our Growth Team is Here for you!


Day to Day Account Management

We know that managing your storefront alongside your own podcast on a day to day basis is an impossible task. Our goal is to help take the edge off and make it manageable. Our team is here to help you make your store a success. 

All it takes to get started is an introductory call to get the ball rolling. We will work with you to come up with a long term strategy to get your fans excited and then keep them that way. 


Reward your Patrons with amazing merch

Not only do your patrons support you by listening to your show every episode but they have dedicated their hard earned money to your Patreon. At TeePublic we are dedicated to helping you be successful and making sure your fans stay excited about supporting you each and every month.

To do that our team at TeePublic will help you structure your higher level tiers with merch to keep folks coming back.


Launch in Style

Having a store is not enough. You have to let your audience know it exists. not only that, but you need them to be excited about it. With TeePublic, we will help get your creative lined up so you never miss a beat. Want to do a giveaway to announce the creation of your store? 

Just contact our podcasting team and we can talk to you about getting the ball rolling. We will walk you through which designs are right and when is the perfect time to tell your community. 


Keep the content flowing

The team at TeePublic has been in e-commerce for 15 years and has worked with everyone from Saturday Night Live to the NFL. With over 10 million online orders under our belt, we know how to drive sales. What’s our key insight? Content is king. Posting one podcast episode every 4 months wouldn’t be a winning strategy and it won’t work for merch either.

Keep your content flowing at the pace of content. To learn more about how we can help you contact us to learn more!



Engage Your community with merch

Talking to your fans is an important part of growing your business. At TeePublic we have years of experience building communities. We were founded by the same team that built CollegeHumor, Vimeo and BustedTees so know what it takes to help content creators grow. Our lesson has been simple, align the content you are presenting to your audience with the content you are creating. Our team can help with that and is on hand to create everything you need to impress your community.

Talk to one of our growth team to learn about the promotions or click to learn more about how we can help grow your audience one promotion at a time.