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Survival on the Red Planet

By the Amity Bros.


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The audio drama Marsfall follows some of the first colonists settling Mars, as they struggle to survive on the Red Planet's harsh frontier.


In an era of environmental and geopolitical uncertainty, Sequoia Industries International stands as a proud member of the Mars Century Collective. As one of the five largest companies tasked with establishing one hundred colonies on Mars by the year 2050, Sequoia was instrumental in streamlining new gravity assist technology, paving the way for rapid interplanetary travel. Late in the year 2045, Sequoia’s seventh vessel successfully delivered supplies and a robotic set up crew to Mars, before safely returning to Earth orbit. When the colonization transport re-launches in October of 2047, it will mark the third time a vessel successfully brings a live crew to Mars. Although our astronauts are not the first people walking on the planet’s surface, Sequoia’s board of directors is confident that our diverse team of specialists will succeed in establishing the first permanent base on Mars, ready to welcome thousands of other colonists and refugees to their new home.